Do i need to create Account or Login to use HotelAsia24?

You don't need to log in To find a hotel or book a hotel with HotelAsia24 and you don't need to create account. You do must create an account when you make your final booking on one of our partner websites.We are a comparing website engine, when you find your hotel and click [Book now] you will be redirected to the specific website with the lowest price or option to choose what provider you prefer to book your hotel with.HotelAsia24 account and login function is only to manage your email subscription and other future functions to provide a better website experience.

Does it cost more to book hotel through HotelAsia24?

No it not cost any more to book a hotel via our website, in the long run we pushes down the prices for you as a customer, hotel booking websites must keep the lowest price possible to get you as a customer from our website and to be visible on HotelAsia24. We only try to find the lowest rate and then you make the final booking and payment with our partner hotel providers website.

I need to edit or cancel my hotel or flight booking?

If you have any issue with your booking, then you need to contact the booking website where you finalized your booking and made the payment to, you should have received a confirmation email with booking number and contact details from that website provider. Unfortunately HotelAsia24 can't edit or cancel any bookings.